12 Fun Facts about Your Eyes!

Instead of singing about 11 pipers piping and 12 drummers drumming this holiday season, you can share these 12 fun facts about eyes!

The 10 Layers of Your Retina!

1.  The retina receives all your vision upside-down. Luckily, your brain flips the images for you!


2.  Most blindness is preventable!!! Come visit Dr. Saralyn Notaro to make sure your eyes look healthy!

3.  The tiny muscles in your eyes are the most active muscles in your body!

4.  There are 10 layers to your retina! (Luckily, Dr. Notaro can check on them for you)

5.  The “red eye” in photos is from the camera flash reflecting off the blood vessels in your retina!

6.  Most body parts take time to start working after resting. Fortunately, your eyes are ready to work at any time and do not need to be “warmed up”

7.  Your retina is 72% of your eye!

8.  Your tiny eye muscles are the strongest muscles in your body, in relation to size.

9.   On average, women blink almost TWICE as much as men!

10.  The fastest contracting muscle in your body is you eye! This contraction is a blink!

11.  Blue eyed individuals share a common ancestry with every other blue eyed person!

12.  Ostriches have eyes that are 2 inches in diameter. Their eyes are bigger then their brain!




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