National Parents Day!

Happy National Parents Day! Don’t forget to show your parents a little extra love today!

This year you can remind them of all the myths they told you in the past about eyes!

Myth 1. Children will have the same eyesight as their parents. This is sometimes true, some eye conditions are genetic like cataracts and glaucoma. Sometimes those traits are not carried over.

Myth 2. Wearing your glasses too much will make you eyes depend on them all the time, essentially making them worse. This is not true. Dependence on glasses is most likely due to genetics not the use of glasses.

Myth 3. Wearing another person’s glasses will hurt your eyes. This is not true; they will not work as normally as they would if they were your own glasses but they will not damage your eyesight. Your eyes will temporarily look different but it will return back to normal.

Myth 4. Sitting too close to the TV is bad for your eyes. There has not been any evidence to prove that this is true. Children that want to sit close to the TV potentially show signs of nearsightedness.

Myth 5. Using a computer can damage your eyes. This is not true unless you are using it for a long period of time. Sometimes dry eye can be caused due to blinking less than normal.  

Myth 6. Eyes are full size at birth. This is false; they continue to grow as you grow until you hit puberty.

Myth 7. Eating carrots improve your vision. This is TRUE!!!! Carrots are loaded with lutein, zeaxanthin and beta-carotene that absorb harmful UV lights, protect your macula, and help prevent macular degeneration. (Check out this article to learn more about this myth!

Myth 8. If you cross your eyes, they’ll stay that way. This is not true, your eyes will not stay that way. Your eyes naturally cross when looking at something close; crossing your eyes just exaggerating what you already do!

Myth 9. Staring directly at the sun does not hurt your eyes. This is not true, your eyes can be damaged by the UV rays from the sun.

Myth 10. There is nothing you can do to prevent vision loss. That is not true. You can help your vision by keeping a healthy diet, limiting alcohol, stop smoking, and having regular eye exams.

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