130 People Have Eyes Scanned at Family Health Fair!

8p1.mediumThe Back of the Eye team has once again risen to the challenge of providing a retina scan to as many participants as possible during the Ranzenhofer Family Health Fair held on August 4th at the Amherst Senior Center.  Dr. Notaro Rietz and equipment operator Mark Ketcham teamed up to provided a retina scan to 130 participants at no cost.

Here is the link to the news photo from the health fair.

In order to perform this service, many things need to be in place.  The proper equipment needs to be transported to the site from Ohio, set up and calibrated.  In addition,  Dr. Notaro needs to assess each retina scan immediately and relate this information to the participant.

Dr. Notaro and her whole team work tirelessly to bring this service to the Health Fair.  It gives participants the opportunity to have their eyes checked by an expert.  Some eye disease is silent initially and Dr. Notaro has been able to detect potential problems and arrange for their treatment through this free screening.

We hope to provide this service again at the 2013 Family Health Fair.