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“You’re a great doctor.”

~Jean C

“It runs very smoothly here.”

~Aide to Carolyn D.

“I couldn’t be happier.”

~Patrick T.

“You are an excellent professional.”

~Ron N.

“It’s a pleasure to come here.”

~Tom N.

“I tell everybody about you.”

~ Doug S.

“I wish you as many blessings for the blessing you are to us.”

~ Beverly P.

“You make me feel at ease.”

~ Sam M.

“My wife and I are grateful for all you have done for me.”

~ David P.

“My sight is returning, thanks to you.”

~ Shirley C.

“I’m glad you’re my doctor.”

~ Don R.

“You keep me doing the things I like to do.”

~ Gordon P.

“Great to have a doctor who actually talks to you.”

~ Joan B.

“Dr. Notaro is an amazing doctor. She has taken stellar care of my husband’s eyes. Being diabetic, he has had many problems. She has seen him through it all, surgery and laser treatments. She has a wonderful manner with her patients. We love and respect her. We would highly recommend her to all who would need her care.”

~ Joanne and Eugene S.

“You’re the greatest. The hospital thinks the world of you.”

~ Larry D.

“I’m so grateful you saved my vision.”

~  David S.

“It’s worth the 50-minute drive from Angola to see you – I know I’m in good hands when I’m here.”

~ Carmela K.

“I’m happy I was sent to you.”

~ Barb W.

“You’re the best!”

~ Mary G.

“I love the way you explain things.”

~Melissa K.

“You’re a great surgeon.”

~ Wayne G.

“You’re the hardest working doctor I know.”

~ Joe D.

“Because of the infection in my eye, you immediately drove me to the hospital yourself. I am certain that the speed in which you operated on my eye and the skill you had in the operating room is the reason that it was possible to save the sight in my left eye. I am very grateful for the immediate and followup treatment you showed me. I am convinced that, but for your intervention, the sight in my left eye would have been lost.”

~ Alfred D.

“You are a Godsend perfectionist. Thank you for the work you do.”

~ Kathy W.

“Dr. Notaro’s eye care has saved my sight and elevated my quality of life as a diabetic.”

~ Walter W.

“You’re special and unique. I am blessed I have you.”

~ Betty Anne

“I love that you’re not part of a large group.”

~ Beth K.

“You’re so thorough.”

~ Paul B.

“Your care has been exceptional.”

~ John M.

“I’m glad I came to you.”

~ Frank C.

“She’s a great doctor. I’d send anyone here.”

~ David S.

“Loved the office, every bit of it. Would send all my friends.”

~ Stephen G.

“I feel it was the best exam I ever had.”

~ Elizabeth A.

“I credit my vision to you.”

~ Doug E.

“I’m so glad I met you so my vision could be saved.”

~ Patrick W.

“I trust my doctor, I’m not worried.”

~ Gerhardt R.

“It’s fabulous to be able to see the way I do.”

~ Judy P.

“I see well because of you. You have done a wonderful job.”

~ Robert C.

“Your office has a nice calm, peaceful atmosphere.”

~ T. Gress

“Dr. Notaro saved my eye. She’s wonderful, knowledgeable, and caring. She always looked at the big picture. I will always think of Dr. Notaro Rietz as where my healing began.”

~ Janelle K.

“She’s wonderful.”

~ Geraldine W.

“The skill and dedication of Dr. Notaro Rietz and her staff are matched only by the unwavering care and compassion they show their patients.”

~ Kyle G.

“An interesting improvement has happened recently in the waiting room at Dr. Notaro’s eye clinic on Main Street in Snyder. An excellent place to go if you are having eye problems.”

~ Donna F.

“Dr. Notaro saved my eyesight. I wouldn’t see as well as I do today. She is a wonderful doctor. She’s great – I think everyone should see her.”

~ Evelyn G.

“In a most trying time in my family’s life, Dr. Saralyn Notaro Rietz and her staff performed admirably. Her ability to explain the medical situation in a straightforward yet compassionate manner eased our emotional distress. We would highly recommend her to all patients who have concerns about the health of their eyes.

~ Richard and Laurel G.

“I’m glad I got you.”

~ Eleanor W.


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Saralyn Notaro Rietz MD is a top rated “Back of The Eye MD.” She specializes in treating diseases of the retina or “back of the eye” which include macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, retinal tears and detachments, retinal blood vessels diseases, uveitis and much more.




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Phone: (716) 839-9009


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