Benefits of a Small Practice

Back of the Eye MD has always boasted the benefit our small, privately run practice.  The personal, one-on-one attention we strive to offer is unmatched compared to the significantly less personal care demonstrated in larger corporate settings.

In 2016, we surveyed our patients to measure their satisfaction with Back of the Eye MD. We were overwhelmed by the incredibly positive responses: 100% of our surveyed patients said they would definitely refer Dr. Saralyn Notaro Rietz to a friend or a family member, describing their experiences as “excellent.”

The survey also confirmed our sentiment about private practices.  Our patients overwhelmingly concluded that they prefer seeing a doctor at a small, private practice.  We take pride in and care for each individual to make sure they have an intimate and memorable experience with us.

This sentiment rings true with so many organizations.  As we have recently seen with the downfall of successful companies like Cellino & Barnes, organizations that grow too large are often fraught with problems and inefficiencies.  These are things that smaller, private organizations like Back of the Eye MD can avoid with a more intimate setting.  We cannot stress enough that bigger is not always better, as confirmed over and over again by the overwhelmingly positive responses of our patient surveys!

Thank you for supporting Back of the Eye MD. We appreciate our patients so much!