Do You Have a Detached Retina?

Retinal detachment explained…

Over the past couple of weeks, we have addressed lattice degeneration and retinal tears. These often precede a retinal detachment. Symptoms associated with a detachment are flashers, floaters, or what has been described as a curtain in the peripheral vision. The reason a retinal detachment may affect your vision is because of the retina’s every day job. It is a thin layer of nerve tissue, lining the back of the eye, and it’s purpose is to focus images as light enters the eye. This signal is then transmitted down the optic nerve to your brain which is what allows you to see.

Retinal detachmentAdvanced age, family history of retinal disease, previous retinal detachment, other eye surgeries including cataracts, extreme near-sightedness, and trauma, all have the potential to result in retinal tears and subsequent retinal detachment.

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