Making sure our patients receive the utmost care and have a positive experience here at Back of the Eye, MD, is crucial to us. Dr. Notaro goes above and beyond to ensure that quality care and service is delivered to every individual who walks through our doors.

In today’s session of “Patient Talk”, we’d like to introduce you to Sally S. who had some issues with her left eye this past year. After noticing a couple of black spots, she scheduled an appointment with the general ophthalmologist who operated on her cataracts. The next morning, she couldn’t see at all out of her left eye, and after scheduling a more emergent appointment, she was referred to us for evaluation of her retina.

What caused your loss of vision and what did Dr. Notaro do to help you?

“Well, this all happened on a Saturday and my regular eye doctor told me I had a bad infection that needed to be taken care of immediately. Dr. Notaro actually came in that Saturday, and sent me to the pharmacy, right then and there, to pick up a prescription medication that she would then inject into my eye.”

“I started seeing Dr. Notaro once a week, and I finally started to notice I could see shadows out of my left eye again”. Dr. Notaro then did surgery on my eye to take out some debris, and now I have full vision again!”

How did this impact you?

“I just think Dr. Notaro is great. She told me that the infection I had was, in fact, very bad, and that she couldn’t promise anything other than that she would do her best to at least bring some of the vision back. It really is amazing that I can see fully out of this eye again, and I am grateful to her for bringing my eye back.”

Sally hands out food samples at a local grocery store, and this loss of vision forced her to be out of work for nearly 2 months! She now is back at work, and going about her daily life with no issues!

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