In today’s session of “Patient Talk,” we would like to introduce you to William, a patient we have been seeing since July. William came in when he suddenly was unable to see out of his right eye. Dr. Notaro determined his decreased vision was due to a retinal detachment and performed surgery a few days later. The surgery was successful and William’s vision steadily improved.

In August, William noticed a black spot and some haziness in his right eye, so he called our office to check up on it. This decreased vision was due to another retinal detachment in a different location in the eye, which Dr. Notaro performed surgery on a few days later. Like the first, the second surgery was successful, and William’s vision has steadily been improving ever since.

William, an avid handgun shooter, stated he is “happy to be able to see again” and is excited to be able to continue his hobby. William “does not have enough good things to say” about his experience thanks to the front staff’s helpful nature and Dr. Notaro’s level of care and attentiveness. We are happy to have helped William get his vision back and get back to his hobby. If you notice any changes in your vision, please do not hesitate to give our office a call!