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A delicate tissue-like scar, the Epiretinal Membrane forms on top of the retina. Since the macula normally lies flat on the back of the eye, when this membrane forms it can cause blurriness and distortion in your central vision. Usually this will have an affect on the central vision of the eye leaving the peripheral vision unaffected.

Sometimes the film can contract like scar tissue, pulling on the “back of the eye” causing a Macula Pucker. When Macular Pucker takes place, vision loss can range from none to severe. Blurry vision may occur and reading fine print or seeing small detail may become difficult. A blind spot or a gray area in the center of your vision could also occur.

Treatment may not be necessary. However, if vision deteriorates to the point where it inhibits daily activities it is very important to seek treatment. In this case surgery is an option.



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Saralyn Notaro Rietz MD is a top rated “Back of The Eye MD.” She specializes in treating diseases of the retina or “back of the eye” which include macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, retinal tears and detachments, retinal blood vessels diseases, uveitis and much more.




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