State of the Art Retinal Imaging System Exclusive to Dr. Notaro Rietz

Saralyn Notaro Rietz, MD announces the exclusive use of the most advanced retinal imaging system available in Western New York.  The Heidelberg Spectralis HRS/OCT unit allows one to perform angiography and tomography simultaneously.    According to Dr. Notaro Rietz, “To put it simply, this equipment allows us to be able to look at retinal circulation and retinal cross-sectional anatomy at the same time. This ability means that we don’t have to use two different machines to perform two separate functions.  It allows for examination of the retina with pinpoint accuracy, which is not possible with separate units.”  German engineered Heidelberg Imaging Systems are the industry’s recognized leader.  This unique and powerful eye scanning system allows for detection of potentially debilitating eye disease at its earliest stages.  Early detection and close monitoring of disease change can limit the severity of the disease and help ensure treatment is meeting expectations.  “We are dedicated to providing our patients with the highest quality and most technologically advanced care,” said Dr. Notaro Rietz.