Research to Prevent Blindness – New Hope for Regenerating the Human Retina

Breaking news about the human retina and hope for patients suffering from blindness. For many years doctors have struggled to find ways to help patients regain their vision from retina degeneration from natural related causes, or unhealthy lifestyle choices such as drinking and smoking. The human retina is a very complex organ and with breakthroughs in […]

Here We Grow Again!

We are pleased to announce the opening of our new office dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of retinal conditions of the eye.  Located at 525 Wheatfield Street in North Tonawanda, the office will better serve the Niagara County population with the most advanced retinal imaging and diagnostic equipment available in Western New York. In […]

It’s a great time to….

For the New Year…. It’s the perfect time to get your eyes checked!    Call today to make an appointment for an eye exam.  Generally, no referral is needed.   This is especially important if you or anyone in your family has diabetes or macular degeneration.  These conditions tend to run in families.  Why wait?  Early detection […]