An Inside Look at Dr. Notaro’s Music-filled Weekend

This past weekend, Dr. Notaro was able to spend a little bit of time away from her duties as a physician, and spend some time at a camp on Lake Erie with her daughter, Tarin. Did you know that Dr. Notaro plays both the clarinet and the piano? As a board member of the Greater Buffalo Youth Orchestra, she served as a chaperone for many of Western New York’s finest musicians. Every year, the GBYO utilizes this weekend of intense rehearsals and socializing as a kick-off to their season. Both the doctor and Tarin had a fantastic time, and we just wanted to share some photos with you all!

From top to bottom: a picture of Dr. Notaro with a group of talented musicians she was able to mentor, a photo of her daughter, Tarin, playing the piccolo, a beautiful view of Lake Erie from the campsite, and a photo of a group activity the doctor participated in.