Making sure our patients receive the utmost care and have a positive experience here at Back of the Eye, MD, is crucial to us. Dr. Notaro goes above and beyond to ensure that quality care and service is delivered to every individual who walks through our doors.

In today’s session of “Patient Talk”, we’d like to introduce you to Krystal U. who has been a patient with us for the past two and a half years. Krystal woke up one morning and everything she looked at was grey! She was also having a difficult time reading fine print. Krystal initially scheduled an appointment to see a general ophthalmologist, and was referred here for a condition known as diabetic retinopathy.

What did Dr. Notaro do to help you?

“After my first appointment, I came in about once per month. We tried many different treatment options such as injections, steroids, and laser treatments. After my vision began to improve, we were able to go for longer periods of time without scheduling an appointment, and today was my first time here in six months. The transformation has been amazing and I am extremely grateful for Dr. Notaro.”

How did this impact you?

“Well, I work in a bakery so my eyesight is very important to me. Many of my hobbies also require a very keen eye, and I was unable to do the things I love when this all started. Drawing, painting, embroidering, carving, photography, I could go on. I was very very worried when this all started, but with Dr. Notaro’s help, I was just embroidering yesterday! I cannot say enough good things about this office.”

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