Patient Talk: Gary

In this week’s spotlight, we’d like to introduce you to Gary. Originally from Buffalo, Gary now resides in Lockport and is a retired truck driver.patient-talk-photo

Like many of our patients, Gary was referred to us by another doctor. He was being treated for glaucoma and then cataracts. While receiving cataract surgery, his Ophthalmologist noticed there was something wrong with his retina, and sent him to Dr. Notaro. According to Gary, it has been paying off quiet well for him.

Gary described Dr. Notaro as a knowledgeable and easy-going doctor. “I’m amazed by how much knowledge she has. She definitely fell into something she can handle, and she is really good,” he said.

Gary says he can always ask Dr. Notaro questions and know he will get the right answer. He says he would recommend anyone to come see her.