Patient Talk: Linda

One of our upbeat and outgoing patients, Linda is always a pleasure to have at our office. She is a baker at heart and likes to create delicious bread to sell.

She has been diagnosed with retinal vein inclusion in both of her eyes and has been a patient of ours for several years. Retinal vein inclusion is a blockage of the small veins that carry blood away from the retina.  Linda says she is blind in her right eye and has a little bit of sight in her left eye. Dr. Notaro has been taking care of and overseeing her condition. Linda descripatient-talk-photobes the doctor as phenomenal and as someone who works her hardest and her best.

Tell me about your experience with Dr. Notaro.

I love her. She was caring from the beginning. I remember the first time I walked in here at eight o’clock in the morning, and she cleared her entire schedule for me because she knew my condition was serious. It means a lot when you meet someone who clears their entire schedule to take care of a stranger.

How has she been taking care of you?

She was great at describing my condition and she was honest with me. She has helped me to learn to live with this. She has been good to me; I would recommend my friends and family to see her.

What is the typical visit to the office like for you?

Great, we get along so well. I went through a pregnancy and a marriage with her. I can talk to her about my kids. She was with me from the bottom-up. I always bring cookies in for Christmas.

What is the best part about your experience with Back of the Eye, MD?

You don’t feel like you’re in a big bubble where you don’t count. This is a smaller practice and it really means a lot. If you had three of her and saw different people every day, it wouldn’t be the same. Here, you know what doctor you are going to get.